Our Clients

Fdachek BioEngineering [former client]

Fortuna50 Industries IR Dept [former client]

IP Global Patent Holdings [former client]

Firewall Names Group

Fudili Marketing Associates

Clients of our New

Traffic Infractions Practice

Fred "Cannonball" Flatbed
Maxthird Ofensim Biber ("Trey")

Electronic Mail Communication is Suspended Until Further Notice.

We appreciate your patience while we seek a solution to the confidentiality problems we have encountered in our use of e-mail. We have discovered the solution in the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure. Soon we will offer each client a secure facility, modeled after a physical office facility, in which information can be exchanged in confidence.

In the meantime we request that you use only voice, fax, and postal mail communication. We appreciate your patience during this difficult time. We assure you that the added burden on our firm resulting from the unfortunate disclosure of a client CEO's relationship with the parole system is fully offset by a more "streamlined" set of clients and client matters, allowing us to give complete attention to our relationship with you.