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We're a creative services agency that provides the information security industry with solutions that address its biggest challenge. Let us explain.

Firewalls do what they're designed to do.
They filter packets according to a set of rules.

But since they occupy such an important place in their users' networks, those users tend to want them to do more than is logically possible.

Users want their firewalls to understand the intentions of the sender of a stream of bits.

As if that's not ridiculous enough, they want the firewall to make a decision based upon that information. They want the firewall to determine whether the sender is a bad guy or a good guy.

This is, of course, even more impossible.

If a network contains important digital assets and procedures, then streams of packets should be digitally signed by individual human beings whose digital certificates were established through a proper enrollment program. That way you don't need to determine whether the sender is a bad guy or a good guy (no one fits either category completely anyway.) Rather, you simply know what individual takes technical and legal responsibility for any access to the network.

Well, that's the bad news.

The good news is that firewalls are like costly magic herbal remedies. Since they address a powerful emotion - fear - people will always pay lots of money for firewalls.

But - here's the catch - people only buy new firewalls when they make new promises. And so the trusty old firewall has to be repositioned every six months to two years, with new names that promise whole new capabilities.

That's how the Firewall Names Group serves the information security industry in its most daunting challenge.

Candidly, however, we at FNS need some help. We've been at this same problem for so long that our creative juices are a little tapped out.

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