What is the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure?

Quiet Enjoyment is the conveyed right to possess, use, and enjoy a facility in peace and without interference.

Most network security products and services are all about identifying the bad guys and capturing or killing their packets, treating security management as a kind of warfare. But how can you run a business on a battlefield?

In the physical world we have a better way to create bounded, secure and manageable spaces where we can get things done. They're called buildings.

Move your facilities away from the battlefields, information highways, intranets, extranets, VPNs and other tunnels whose ends are open to the outdoors. Now, with the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure, your online facilities can be as secure, manageable and understandable as your physical office.

The Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure consists of technologies, standards and methods that turn your online facilities into office suites, meeting rooms, reception areas, and other familiar spaces that have proven themselves over the years.

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