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So here we go.

Choose up to six words for your new synonym for firewall and enter them below.

Here's a cheat, just for you (don't tell anyone): use all six spaces, it increases your chances of being da big winnah...

Here's another: make sure one of your words is "intrusion." Nothing gets the decision maker's adrenaline going better than "intrusion" as it conjures up images of bad guys sneaking into the subnet space. It also plays well with the big bosses, the CFO, COO and CEO, as they can easily get the concept - and get scared by it.

1. First word: we suggest a powerful adjective such as "Universal." Remember, it doesn't have to mean anything. Be adventurous. Here you go:    

2. Second word: another big adjective would be good here, but hey, this is your gig not mine, lay it on me: 

3. Now for the third word a scarily attention getting adjectivey noun like "Threat" would be... ok, ok, I'll shut up...

4. Doing good, keep it up. Fourth word: Oh come on, you can't stop at three. Look, this whole thing started out with a single word, "firewall" and has been growing ever since! Gotta make this look like Progress, ya know? Thatsa boy. (girl?): 

5. Fifth... what's that? Oh, now you want  suggestions? Sure, slap me in the face when the going is easy but now that we're on the fifth word you really have to put some creativity into it!, don't you. Now we're separating the boys from the [un-PC expression deleted]

Well, here's a suggestion. IT guys like acronyms, and they're learning from the bureaucratic community that acronyms that make words have real branding power. So, look at the first letters of those first four words and think: what do they almost spell? Then fill in the ol' blank, baby!      

 6. The home stretch! Six words, this is gonna be one powerful scary costly sounding synonym for firewall. Now here's a hint. This should be a plain vanilla nondescript matter of fact noun such as "Appliance." Go for it!    

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